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Emerald Lodging

Emerald Lodging offers places to stay for travelers to the White Pass and Mt. Rainier area. Our motels and resorts are affordable and offer great amenities. If you are looking for a hotel near Mt. Rainier, consider Mill Village Hotel in Eatonville or the Nisqually Lodge in Ashford. If you are looking for a hotel near White Pass, Cowlitz River Lodge or the Crest Trail Lodge are an excellent options.


Crest Trail Lodge

Packwood, WA


Mill Village Motel

Eatonville, WA


Cowlitz Lodge

Packwood, WA


Nisqually Lodge

Ashford, WA


Beginning May 24 through September 2  timed entry reservations are required

to enter Mount Rainier Entrances from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm.

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